Epic Clone Cloud Major Update

This information is for all of our customers of Epic Clone and people who are interested in the app or evaluating it. We are proud to announce that we published a major update of the Cloud version of the app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

The new version contains several bug fixes and many new features we would like to list here.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixed that cloning did not work if issues where assigned to a sprint

  • Bug fixed that cloning did not work if user has set his language to French

  • Bug fixed that sub-tasks of child issues of epics haven’t been cloned

New Features



Select list instead of text field for labels. Select new labels from a list of existing labels and create new labels during clone configuration. The selection of labels in Epic Clone is now similar to the label selection you know from issues.



If the target project is a company-managed project, you can now select components from the project which will be set in the cloned issues.


Fix Versions

If the target project is a company-managed project, you can now select releases from the project which will be set as fix version in the cloned issues.


Due Date

Select a due date to be set.


New result screen

Get feedback during cloning which issues have been cloned and which are still to be done. On the new result screen you can not only see which issue is in progress and currently cloned, but also see a list with status of each issue you plan to clone. Quickly navigate to each source or target issue by clicking on the respective link (opens in new tab)

All those new features are explained in our https://ij-solutions.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ECC with additional information.

New User Interface

We changed the appearance of the Epic Clone dialog and screens, so it provides more information and the additional features. This new user interface provides more flexibility and also possibilities to implement additional features in the app. So this update won’t be the last one and we plan also additional functionalities which will further improve the app.

Current Prices stay the same!

Everything gets more expensive these days and many companies increase their prices. We don’t! Prices for Epic Clone stay the same even with those new features and improvements. We want to thank you all for your interest in the app and for using it. If you like the new features, we would be happy though if you could leave a positive feedback/review on the Atlassian Marketplace or directly through your Cloud instance.

What needs to be done to get the update?

As it is a major update a Jira system administrator needs to actively update the app in your Cloud instance. To do so, go to Apps → Manage Apps and click on Update for the Epic Clone app.

Update Epic Clone under Apps → Manage Apps

Unfortunately, after this update all users using the app have to allow access again and confirm that the app is granted the necessary permissions. We know this is annoying and shouldn’t be necessary for each user. Instead, it would be better if permission can be granted by administrators for the entire instance. Atlassian plans to change this, but unfortunately, there is no schedule for this change yet.

Allow access necessary for every user after the update

One part of the allow access screen might lead to confusion:

Please note that we don’t send any data to external domains. This is just necessary to display the issue type icons for the issues to be cloned. It only applies to subdomains of atlassian.net and means that we want to display images from your own Cloud instance in our app.

Also after this change Epic Clone is built on Atlassian Forge, which means that no data leaves your Jira instance at any time.

Anything we can improve?

If you experience a bug in the app, if you have an idea for improvement or if you have another topic you want to talk about, feel free to visit our service management or contact us via support@ij-solutions.atlassian.net