Blog Restart

May 1st 2021 - isn’t it a great date to restart the ij-solutions blog?

I think so, and also to move the blog again back to Confluence. Now in the cloud. We started 2 years ago on Confluence server, then switched to our homepage. Now we are back on Confluence in the cloud. Blog templates are already there and we have our whole app documentation and knowledge base here, so why using a different environment to write the blog which wasn’t actually designed for it?

For sure, the blog posts from last year will remain in the blog section of our homepage. We might link them sometimes in the upcoming posts, so they are not gone and can be read through again. If you are new to this blog, you can find the older posts here.

If you are looking for this text in German, we unfortunately have to tell you that it will be only available in English from now on. Writing in two languages increases the effort and furthermore, many terms in the Atlassian environment haven’t got an equal German word and thus aren’t translated that well in my point of view.

Now to the topic of this restart blog post: I participated in team 21, the digital conference hosted by Atlassian formerly known as summit. I want to share my thoughts on it. This also fits to my last post in October 2020 after the announcement of Atlassian to end support for their server products. Now, the first conference took place after that announcement and the profound changes in the Atlassian tool landscape.

The most important impressions for me have been the following 3:

  • Atlassian announced to be a “cloud first” company in October last year. In the team 21 event it felt like they are a “cloud only” company. The on premise tools (only data center left over) are only mentioned in subordinate clauses. 95% of sessions contents have been about the cloud products. For us it is important to keep track with that development and therefore we already started to develop our first cloud app some time ago. We hope our cloud version of epic clone will be published soon on the Marketplace and we are also working on other apps for Confluence cloud together with a partner from Canada. We will share some information about it soon.

  • Again, new companies have been acquired by Atlassian in the past year and thus new tools joined the Atlassian family. Additionally, own developed tools are launched. Today, a jungle of tools and integrations exist and for me it seems like it becomes more and more difficult to know all of them and to get to know which one is the best solution for someones purposes. I am wondering if that is intended by Atlassian or if there will be a consolidation take place at some time to clean up this jungle? Let’s see how this will go on…

  • For me, the most interesting tool that has been launched is Jira Work Management. It actually is Jira Core which existed already before and which was intended for business teams. It know has been further developed to come with new project templates for various teams (e.g. HR, legal, finance, etc.). This is something I am working on for years in the on premise environment now. Customizing a tool like Jira, which initially has been used to support software development, so it can be used for other teams and departments as well and fulfills their individual requirements. On Server, this requires a lot of effort, different apps and own developed solutions. Jira Work Management now seems to provide this in the cloud out of the box. I directly subscribed to the new product in our cloud instance and will test it over the next couple of weeks. I will share my experiences with it in this blog. For me it looks very interesting and if it is working as promoted by Atlassian, it could be a huge benefit for those who want to use Jira also for business teams in their organization.

Beside that, Atlassian team 21 provided numerous other news and sessions from various areas. To name them all would be too much for this post.

But what do you think about it? Do you have another opinion on some of the points? Feel free to contact me on linkedIn, write me an email to or comment directly on this page.