Cloud Migration

On this page we explain what you need to consider when migrating from Server to Cloud in regards of our app Epic Clone.

App Data Migration

As our app doesn’t store any app specific data, there is no data to migrate when transferring your Server instance to Jira Cloud. Like it is for the Server app, you just need to install the app, apply a license and start using it. There is no app data that is generated on installation and nothing to configure. Just start using it and save time when duplicating epics with issues in epic.

Differences between Server and Cloud version

As also Jira Cloud is different to Jira on premise, also the Epic Clone app has some differences between Server/DC and Cloud version. The following table shows what features are available on Server and Cloud and what differences exist.


Epic Clone Server / Data Center

Epic Clone Cloud


Epic Clone Server / Data Center

Epic Clone Cloud

Clone epics together with issues in epic

Clone every issue type together with child issues (e.g. sub-tasks)

Decide which child issues to clone and which not

Clone across projects

also from team- to company managed projects and vice versa

Clone linked issues or links

Set new summary and epic name during cloning

Set new assignee during cloning

for epic + issue in epic

only for parent issue

Modify Labels

Modify components and fix versions

Modify estimation

Clone attachments

Search & Replace functionality for epic description

Add prefix or postfix to issues in epic summary

Epic clone administration: Limit access to certain groups/projects

Please also have a look at our documentation for further details on the differences between Server and Cloud version:


We will update this page on regular intervals as we always try to improve our apps and reduce the differences between Server and Cloud version. However, if you have any feedback, questions or feature request, feel free to contact us via our Service Management