Duplicate Epic

On these pages you find the documentation for the Duplicate Epic App for Jira Cloud.

What does Duplicate Epic do?

With Duplicate Epic you get the additional functionality to clone an epic together with all issues in epic. The standard clone functionality in Jira only lets you duplicate the issue with (optionally) attachments, links or sub-tasks. For epics, issues which are linked to the epic by the epic link or parent field can't be cloned together with the epic within the same clone process.

How can Duplicate Epic be used?

After installation of the app you will see an additional entry in the issue actions (three dots in the top right corner). It is called "Duplicate Epic" and only visible in issues of type epic.


If you click on that entry, the duplicate epic screen will open.

What you can do on the Duplicate Epic screen?

If you duplicate epics in Jira Cloud with Duplicate Epic, a dialog will be displayed where you can make your configuration of the cloned epic. Let's assume we want to clone this issue with Duplicate Epic:


It contains 3 child issues and 2 linked issues. If you now select the three dots → Duplicate Epic you will get this duplicate epic dialog.

Summary: Set the summary for the duplicated epic. The summary of the source issue is displayed by default.

Include Links: If the epic is linked to other issues, you will see a checkbox to optionally include the links when duplicating. If checked, the linked issues to the source epic will also be linked to the duplicated epic.

Issues in Epic: The issues in epic of the source epic are listed. Those issues will be duplicated together with the source epic.

If you click on submit, the duplication is started. After successful completion a message dialog appears which contains a link to the new epic.


Please note that due to current limitations you might get an error message when duplicating large epics (e.g. with more than 20 issues in epic). This message comes up as the dialog is running into a timeout on time consuming copy operations. However, despite this message the duplication will be completed in background and thus work also for large epics.

We hope we can find a solution for this issue soon.




If you experience a bug in the app, if you have an idea for improvement or if you have another topic you want to talk about, feel free to visit our service management or contact us via support@ij-solutions.atlassian.net